Business Attire Hack: Use Cotton Swabs as Shirt Stays

Okay, I don’t think that I’m alone here.  I was just on a business trip to DC where I had to do an important pitch presentation about ShopWell at a big nutrition conference.  I landed, got to my hotel, laid out my clothes (to iron in the morning), and went to bed.  

When I got up, I brushed my teeth, took my shower, and began ironing.  When I finished, I realized that I had no shirt stays for my shirt.   I thought to myself, “Crap…Who needs those anyway, my shirt will be just fine.”  

I put my shirt on, and the collar was all bent out of shape.  Even after ironing, it didn’t look right.  I took the shirt off and went into Macgyver mode.  

I began digging through my stuff to find anything that could to do the trick to make me look somewhat professional.  Here is what I came up with/steps to achieve a perfect collar without stays:  

What You Need:

  • 2 Cotton Swabs 
  • Collared Shirt
  • Your Brain and Hands

Step 1:  Lay out the collar and make sure the cotton swab is of similar length.  If not, remove one of the cotton ends)

Step 2:  Slide the cotton swab into each side of the collar as shown

Step 3:  Fold the collar over and flatten the fabric to resemble actual stays (it should look better than the picture below)

Step 4:  Go kill it on your presentation…and look like you actually mean business (sans crazy Trump hairdo).  

UPDATE:  Thanks everyone for spreading the word.  This post was featured on LifeHacker here.  

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